Join ACE in Accelerating forward!

Accelerate defines the value of the membership in and partnership with ACE. Our plan outlines how the work we do today will help us reach where we’re headed.

The Accelerate plan builds on our current work in 3-key focus areas:

  1. Increasing demand and value through new clean fuel policies

  2. Protecting and supporting existing policy-driven markets

  3. Developing domestic and international markets


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What Accelerate Focuses On

First, ACE's work around clean fuel policy not only as a driver for demand but a driver for value by crafting policies that monetize agricultural practices and reward companies for participation in carbon market opportunities.

Second, ACE deploys defensive and proactive strategies to protect and support the Renewable Fuel Standard. We’re working to overcome regulatory barriers to encourage innovation and market growth by supporting important updates to lifecycle modeling and streamlining our messaging from the grassroots to the federal level for widespread industry support.

Third, ACE contributes to the development of markets for ethanol domestically and internationally. We’re building our network of fuel retailers across the country and helping them increase their ethanol IQ. We’re also supplying this experience and expertise internationally to make higher blends available in the retailer marketplace. ACE was a key partner in fostering international markets, like Mexico. As ethanol companies look at diversification strategies, ACE is also analyzing how it can evolve to support the industry in new markets.

How did we get here?

ACE builds coalitions and conducts research to foster opportunities around clean fuel policy – looking at farming practices, ethanol production, and state and federal policy.

ACE has fought and will continue to fight hard to protect and support existing policy. In fact, ACE played a pivotal role in getting the Renewable Fuel Standard signed into law, which is why we are uniquely positioned through Accelerate to help advance our industry. 

ACE’s market development expertise has transformed the way the industry thinks about working with fuel station owners and marketers not only here in the U.S., but also internationally. A key part of that success has been educating about the competitive advantage ethanol offers to help make the case for adding the higher fuel blends.

Why now?

These are important times and we have challenges we need to tackle together.

  • Momentum is building for ACE initiatives
  • Ethanol helps meet important benchmarks around greenhouse gas reductions and octane, providing value for our product
  • We know these are complex challenges and results may not be immediate, which is why we want to show you a road map to how we are going to get there and how we can hold each other accountable. We’re putting the work in today, so the industry can take advantage of new opportunities in the future.
  • This work matters to ethanol companies in tangible ways

We’re currently advocating for key updates to the GREET Model all aimed at reducing carbon intensity (CI). There is incredible potential to reduce CI scores, resulting in premiums paid for the gallons of ethanol produced.

There are markets that place a value on these CI numbers today, looking at the West Coast specifically, but there is value in pursuing new markets, like the Midwest, that would create new opportunity for even more companies and preserve the value of existing low carbon markets.

ACE was founded on the idea that a coalition of grassroots support can yield influence and change and, through Accelerate, we intend to continue this important tradition.

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