Can I Sell Flex Fuels?

Who else has added flex fuel

That’s an equipment question.

It is possible you already have some (or all) of the equipment you would need to store and dispense E15 and/or flex fuels. If you don’t, you’ll want to find out what else you would need to get into the higher blends business. We recommend you have your equipment installer do the equipment review for you.

There are a LOT of people to ask “May I?” when you’re adding E15 or flex fuels. If your location is branded, what will the brand allow? What does your insurance company cover?

To get the complete picture of questions you should be asking, click here to check out the roadmap from Flex Fuel Forward. And while you’re doing your research, click here to check out the list of government incentives for fuel retailers to add E15 to their tanks, and click here to read about the program that provides those incentives.

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